Thulite Cabochon purple heartwood ring.





A Thulite cabochon ring made from purple heart wood. The colour of these two materials complement each other wonderfully. The wood is naturally this colour and sets the stone off.

The cabochon is 20mm wide and 28mm long. This is a statement ring, made to catch the eye and turn heads.

The ring is made from solid walnut and the cabachon is also mounted on walnut. The underside of the mount is carved so that it will easily sit on your finger without discomfort.

The band of the ring is 7.5mm wide and 3mm thick.

The ring size is: L

I do not “mass produce” these items. I see a stone I like and buy it. Then I will look at mounting it on a ring. This is the only one in this style available.

If this ring is not your size, send me a message of what you are looking for and I will search for a stone and make you a unique, individual ring.

Thulite are rich pinkish strawberry gemstones from Norway and are named after the mythical Scandinavian island of Thule. Increasingly popular globally, Thulite is well-known in Norway where it is the country’s national gemstone. A great choice for introverts, this stone can increase self-confidence and make us more outgoing. Thulite is known to bring a positive and joyful attitude to its wearer, opening us up to a more optimistic view on life and relationships.


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