Sea shell pendant (Copy)



If you love the beach and want to take a real piece of it with you, this is for you.

While I was beach combing one day I found this piece of shell along with another one on the beach. I am initially attracted to their shape or colour when I find items like this. You can see how I found it in the photo below  It was the colours and the growth rings on the shell that caught my eye.  When I was working on this shell  I did not change the shape of it. This is how I found it on the beach. But as with all the sea shells I find I smoothed out any rough or sharp edges. I have fitted a 925 silver stirrup for it to hang from the necklace.

I can supply the necklace at various lengths, just let me know what you would like. They will come with a stainless steel lobster claw clasp. The necklaces come as 1mm waxed cotton in black.


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